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Some of the world's largest corporate firms use AutoRek to resolve a range of complex financial data management issues. In doing so, we help clients improve their operational efficiency, minimise risk and achieve cost reduction through replacing previously manual, time consuming processes.

We typically deliver effort savings of around 75% of the manpower on a like for like comparison of manually prepared data management processes. As well as savings on matching, reporting and data sourcing and manipulation, AutoRek has delivered ancillary process benefits.

The successful project work with our corporate client base is diverse, and the best way to discover how we could help your organisation is by contacting us. Some sector-related examples of these projects include:

  • Healthcare and Housing

    Housing associations use AutoRek to assist with problematical allocations of cash to sales ledger and to accelerate the visibility and remediation of unpaid debts. Find Out More

  • Telecoms and Utilities

    We reconcile customer payments for one of the UK's largest telecommunication companies, cutting the cost of reconciliation, and improving their existing process through the reduction of backlog and extending the reporting and audit trail. Find Out More

  • Travel Management

    We implemented our AutoRek solution for the world's largest travel agency, delivering time and cost benefits as well as visible improvements in client service. Find Out More