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AutoRek is our core flagship product. Awarded 'Best Reconciliation Solution' in both 2015 and 2016, AutoRek is a powerful automated reconciliations solution which comes complete with easy-to-use data loading and preparation functionality, advanced matching capability, workflow to route corrective action requests and queries, case management and management information.

AutoRek helps firms streamline the collection, validation and reconciliation of data, together with providing the necessary transparency and good governance for a comprehensive, automated reporting process.

Implemented in many of the world's largest corporations, our range of reconciliation deployments vary from sophisticated intercompany reconciliations to high volume bank reconciliations and calculating and reconciling daily client money requirements.

Key Facts:

  • AutoRek is a purpose built reconciliation tool with all the essential components built in
  • AutoRek reconciles 25% of all cash transactions in ATMs in the United Kingdom
  • AutoRek automates up to 99.9% of the reconciliation process
  • AutoRek's largest reconciliation deployment managed 2.4 billion transactions per hour
  • AutoRek has the ability to source data in any format from anywhere

The Compelling Business Case

The speed to implement AutoRek is dramatic and businesses can see the results of automation within days rather than months. Coming complete with its own MI (management information) tools and its own escalation work flow, the end-to-end reconciliation, reporting and remediation cycle is managed comprehensively and consistently in one place.

Typical Benefits

  • Save up to 75% of FTEs spent on reconciliations
  • Typical ROI can be achieved within 9 months
  • Reductions in write-offs and audit costs
  • Increased control and visibility over the entire financial process

Find Out More

For more information, download our Solution Literature: Don't Wreck Your Recs: Achieve a Golden Source for your Financial Controls Data.

Download our AutoRek Reconciliation Presentation