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Account Ownership and Sign-Off

ReKognize™ is our web delivered assurance and attestation product. It helps ensure account ownership across your organisation, drives accountability at each stage of the process and gives instant transparency over all accounts.

Integrated Reconciliations and Attestation

Account ownership is critical to a robust risks and control framework, alongside informed and timely account or balance sign-off. ReKognize™ is built in the AutoRek suite as the first integrated attestation and reconciliation tool. It is supported by the reconciliation engine and allows substantiation and attestation processes to be separated and work-flowed.


  • Ownership of every account and sub account can be assigned
  • Balances can be refreshed as often as the data is available
  • Live interrogation and breaches reporting
  • The means of assuring the account is recorded
  • The frequency of assurance is recorded and enforced
  • The quality of the sign-off is retained and reported
  • Overdue sign-offs are pursued (work flow)

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