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AutoRek Survey: MiFID II Transaction Reporting Readiness

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This survey provides an insight into firm's readiness for the upcoming MiFID II regulation deadline.

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MiFID II Transaction Reporting: Be in Control

be in control largecta

This whitepaper reveals the steps to implementing a robust, automated operational framework for companies ensure ongoing MiFID II compliance and control.

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FRC and the new CASS Audit Regime: Systems, Controls and Reconciliations

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This paper highlights key considerations that firms are now faced with as part of the new CASS audit regime.

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CASS 7 Client Money - Reconciliations and Reporting

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This whitepaper discusses CASS 7 - Client Money Rules and common issues arising with client money reconciliations and reporting.

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CASS 6 Client Assets - Reconciliations and Reporting

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This whitepaper discusses The FCA's continued focus on the importance of client protection and highlights the need for robust, automated financial control regimes.

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