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AutoRek is used to improve compliance, and to reduce the financial and operational burden of regulation. Our suite of financial management products are used to help our clients prepare for a range of compliance and risk management operations:


    Our extensive experience in the alternative investment and trading fields makes AutoRek an ideal solution for AIFMD compliance.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    Our anti money laundering software - Klear™ - is a customer verification and identity checking tool which is integrated into our industry leading matching engine.

  • BCBS 239

    AutoRek allows a bank to configure, build and maintain a robust aggregated risk data framework for BCBS239 / PERDARR principles.

  • CASS and Client Money Segregation and Reconciliation

    AutoRek's matching capability permits automated preparation and analyses of client money reconciliations, asset reconciliations and dividend and distribution reconciliations.

  • Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

    AutoRek offers a user-configurable and workflow management functionality, fully-scalable to both CRS and FATCA. We will help load, process and report high volume transactions and data in real-time, and automate and control the analysis, review and correction of your customer base.

  • CoRep and FinRep (Common Reporting and Financial Reporting)

    AutoRek’s completeness of functionality assists financial institutions in tackling the governance challenges as outlined by CoRep and FinRep.

  • European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

    The impact of EMIR on CCPs is extensive. Use AutoRek to manage the large volume of trades being cleared through CCPs, meet strict governance controls and meet timely reporting requirements.

  • FATCA Compliance

    Our dedicated FATCA platform associates and links accounts for risk of FATCA being applicable, where multiple attributes can be included in business rules to indicate whether an individual may be subject to FATCA provisions.

  • MiFID II and MiFIR

    AutoRek's financial control regime helps ensure readiness for changes to the MiFID II/MiFIR Transaction Reporting requirements.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley

    ReKognize™ from AutoRek automatically creates work items to remind owners of sign off responsibilities and requirements, analysing the balances to allow a fast sign-off.

  • Single Customer View

    AutoRek creates a Single Customer View by matching multiple records with common attributes, "looks like", "sounds like" and other intelligent matching capabilities.