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iGaming operators and platform providers face a web of differing legislation and regulation due to the fact it crosses borders and jurisdictions.

Indeed, EU law, which is adopted into national law and regulatory frameworks, varies by region and state because of inconsistent adoption. The internet promotes consumers' ability to seek optimum products, services and offers despite any underlying regulation.

Our controls solution helps iGaming firms ensure on-going financial control and compliance with the highest level of iGaming regulations within the EU. We can demonstrate why the requirement to overcome manual and complex reconciliation, settlement and reporting processes lies at the heart of the need for true financial control or gaming firms.

AutoRek works in partnership with Tottenham & Co, the specialist international gaming consultancy. By combining our product suite with Tottenham & Co's unparalleled experience, knowledge and network within the gaming industry, together we offer an unrivalled solution to help gaming firms perfect their data management and reconciliation controls regime.

For information, download our iGaming Reconciliations whitepaper, which details how to overcome the manual and complex reconciliation and reporting processes.

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