Under the current circumstances many businesses have had to invoke their Business Continuity Processes. Firms who still operate paper-based processes and have dependencies on on-premise systems for their data, may find effective working throughout this period a significant challenge. As a result, the need for automation has increased and firms are sourcing systems where everything can be centralised and accessed by users wherever they are based.

CASS Insight Survey Results

Join us at our upcoming webinar as we take a look at the latest CASS Insight Survey results produced by Baringa Partners. Guy Munton, Partner - Finance, Risk & Compliance at Baringa Partners, will join us to discuss the results in more detail and highlight the key takeaways. Key sections of this year’s survey include CASS audits, technology, governance, outsourcing and what’s next for CASS.  

We will discuss how any challenges can be approached on a technical level and how AutoRek can help firms.

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