Live Webinar: Insurer Statement Reconciliations

In an age of robotics, AI and machine learning, it is surprising that the number of manual and spreadsheet-based processes continues to increase. However, the insurance industry historically has been slow to implement these new technologies. That said, the insurance industry is under continuous pressure to achieve greater efficiencies and implement automated reconciliation processes. The strain of COVID-19 has resulted in many firms implementing automated solutions for critical business processes at a much faster pace than anticipated.

Preparing and analysing data is highly time consuming and particularly so in the Insurance industry as data is often fragmented or inconsistent.

Join us on our upcoming webinar as we discuss how AutoRek can aid and automate the process for reconciling insurer statements within brokers. We will also highlight the key business benefits of using AutoRek, including automation, control and accountability.

Steven Law, Insurance Consultant at AutoRek, will outline the challenges around data, standardised reconciliation processes and how to obtain complete reporting. Steven has extensive first-hand experience of this process having previously worked within a major Broker. 

Younus Khan, Pre-Sales Consultant at AutoRek, will provide a demonstration of how our solution can help firms overcome the challenges. Younus works with Insurance firms from right across the industry and advises them on how to improve their processes.

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