Key modern reconciliation requirements for payments firms

With the rapid evolution of payment methods, growth of globalized e-commerce, and rise of fintech applications, the payments industry is no stranger to change. Payment innovations and rapid increases in e-commerce activity mean that back-office operational teams responsible for financial controls are always playing catch up.

To help firms stay ahead of the curve and better understand changing reconciliation requirements for payments firms, we’ve enlisted the help of payments experts for an exclusive webinar held on the 19th of October.

During the webinar, Nick Botha of AutoRek will be joined by Mercator's Director of Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service Steve Murphy. Our webinar will provide firms with visibility of the future of reconciliations in payments by breaking down the following upcoming trends:

• The reconciliation requirements for modern payments firms
• Constantly evolving operational needs
• How automation improves the entire reconciliation process
• Why automated reconciliations form the cornerstone of a profitable and dynamic business model for today’s payments firms

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