Operational automation for insurers: how to increase efficiency and boost profitability

Insurance organisations today are under more scrutiny than ever from auditors and stakeholders alike. In response, many continue to shift their efforts from the digital transformation of front-end functions to driving higher levels of efficiency and automation in the middle and back-office.

And thus by automating previously overlooked processes like credit control, collections and account receivables carries a range of genuine business benefits, such as:

  • Freeing up millions in unallocated capital and improving cash flow.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Improving financial controls and reducing risk.
  • Faster processing times.
  • Enhanced auditability.
  • More visibility on key transactions.

Indeed the above benefits could be the difference between making a profit or a loss in today’s increasingly turbulent economic landscape. With this in mind, Insurance Post and AutoRek are delighted to invite you to attend our webinar, where we will explore the topic of middle and back office transformation and operational automation more broadly.

We will be joined by guest speakers; Paul Walkeuter, Head of Finance Operations, MS Amlin and Piers Williams, Insurance Lead at AutoRek.

Among the questions we will address are:

  • Why should insurers be looking more to the middle and back office as the focus of their digital transformation programmes?
  • What tangible steps should firms take to drive higher levels of automation across middle and back-office functions?
  • What are the typical issues preventing the industry from embracing operational automation more widely?
  • Can you highlight some obvious and perhaps less obvious benefits of automating payments and reconciliation as one example?
  • Are there any further back-office areas that would benefit from automation that might have so far been ignored?

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