In 2016, BrewDog, the Scottish Craft Beer Company, launched a new campaign – BrewGooder – which was the start of a journey to provide 1,000,000 people with access to clean water.

AutoRek have joined the fight and have become ‘Super Hero’s’… so to speak, to help this great cause of #DrinkBeerGiveWater. BrewGooder have stated that each 24pk of beer sold, will provide 1 person with clean drinking water for 5 years! 

AutoRek already have beer o’clock on a Friday afternoon to help kick start the weekend and we thought what better way to enjoy the beers than to be helping others at the same time! It is a good way to give to those who need it and BrewDog have done such a fantastic job setting up this initiative. We are happy to report that the beer tastes great too!

Since it started, BrewGooder have helped to fund 60 projects for over 33,000 people in Malawi.

Their mission is to never stop until they hit their target of 1,000,000 people impacted by great beer. You can join their mission also and become a Brewgooder.

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