AutoRek News Roundup: Automating Data Flow and Delivering Operational Resilience

AutoRek’s Managing Director, Gordon McHarg was recently interviewed by the Financial IT.

The interview dives into the background of the company, covering how and where it began, where it is now and some of the landmark deals AutoRek have signed in recent months. Gordon touches on his view of RegTech – if it is here to stay and where it is taking us and also the issues the financial industry has faced as a result of COVID-19.

“It is generally accepted that the COVID19 pandemic will change the future of work. I think this is especially true in the financial services sector: after some initial challenges, most companies are now largely operational and have adapted to cope with the impact of remote working. Organisations have now proven that the business can remain fully operational without the need for teams to be located in company offices.”

You can access Gordon's full interview in Financial IT here.

AutoRek’s Business Analyst, Mihir Joglekar also featured in the news recently, when he discussed the issue of operational resilience with FinTech Scotland. With staff working remotely, firms' operational resilience is being tested like never before and the FCA has suggested that organisations should follow these three steps to ensure readiness:

  • Focus on continuity of its most important business services.
  • Conduct an extensive impact vs threshold exercise of all business services, and the levels of disruption that could be tolerated. This exercise should be conducted and reported at the highest level of seniority of organisational management i.e. board level.
  • Consider disruption as a certainty and ensure adequate plans have been agreed to mitigate its impact to services.

Mihir looked at and expanded on these recommendations, discussing how firms can implement a complete approach to addressing resilience. You can access the full FinTech Scotland article here.

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