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At AutoRek, we have a broad advisory partner programme which provides both product knowledge and industry insight on automation, data management and financial control to clients all around the world.

Each partner adds something unique that complements our industry expertise, leading-edge technology and global network of customers. By partnering, we achieve much more than we would ever be able to achieve on our own. By collaborating with these providers we have developed out-of-the-box methodologies which ensure that clients get end-to-end solutions from partners who have a trusted and tested relationship model. Current AutoRek partners include:

Cforia - Accounts Receivables

Cforia partnered with AutoRek to integrate the Cash Application module into Cforia’s End-to-End Global Order-to-Cash Automation software, autonomy 2.0. Cforia’s expertly designed, automated order-to-cash platform makes B2B interactions simple, delivering everything their clients need to create seamless customer experiences and drive better business results.

UnaVista - Regulatory Reporting

AutoRek is a software partner with UnaVista delivering regulatory reconciliations for transaction reporting regimes – such as MiFID II and EMIR – worldwide. UnaVista is an award-winning technology platform from the London Stock Exchange Group helping firms reduce their operational and regulatory risk through regulatory reporting, reference data and analytics solutions

iSoftware4Banks – Banking & Payments

iSoftware4Banks offer a wide range of services tailored to support efficient operations and effective financial reporting and compliance worldwide. The iS4Banks team of operations and financial regulatory reporting professionals serve the automation needs of financial services sector.

Current Partners

Cforia 570 X 415
Unavista 570X415