Data Management

Robust data governance solutions for your organization.

Key benefits

  • Creates a golden source of accurate data
  • Quickly combines and consolidates large volumes of data
  • Full transparency and control
  • Generates data points and insights in real-time
  • Robust data governance

Creating a golden source

Creating a “golden source” can be challenging, especially when dealing with diverse legacy platforms and data sources or the effects of mergers and acquisitions. Through combining, consolidating and validating your data, AutoRek's powerful suite of tools lets you create an essential golden source of data.

Consistent, transparent data management

AutoRek automates internal and external reconciliations, identification and treatment of issues and surfaces KPIs through user configurable dashboards.

Fully configurable KPIs

Our intuitive UI enables you to create custom dashboards and present relevant information to your team and management, enabling actionable insights.

AutoRek enables large volumes of data to be actioned and reported against and comes with an extensive security model, ensuring users only see information to which they have been granted access.