CASS – Audit of IT Systems Breakfast Briefing

CASS – Audit of IT Systems Breakfast Briefing

The review of IT systems is relatively new for CASS audits – both auditors and firms are getting to grips with what it means for them and the best approach to take.

CASS – Audit of IT Systems

AutoRek invited you to a breakfast briefing where Suzanne Tailor, Director and Kiran Thaliwal, Senior Manager at Deloitte joined us to discuss the auditor’s approach on IT testing for CASS. Suzanne heads up Deloitte’s CASS centre of excellence and together with Kiran provided valuable insight into the FRC’s enhanced assurance standard and put into context why auditors are now looking at IT systems.

We also provided a demonstration of AutoRek’s CASS platform, and the session was rounded off by considering what future CASS audits may look like.

This event has now passed. For more information, please feel free to get in touch via or +44 (0) 845 603 3613.

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