Financial Controls & Technology

Every day we are all becoming more involved in technology, whether it be using Alexa or paying for items on our smart phones. But are firms in the financial services arena keeping pace? Are they still relying on conventional/traditional methods of processing and reporting to their customers? This event outlined just how far behind the curve some firms are and what others are doing to maximise the advantages of modern day technology.

Gillian Boston, Head of Business Consulting at AutoRek presented ‘Automating Compliance’. Senior Management are now obligated to ensure that they are fully aware of any areas of exposure in their company. Historically, these obligations have been delegated (or abdicated?) to the compliance or internal audit departments. Even so, major failures continue particularly where manual reporting is being relied upon to warn of potential breaches. Automating compliance processes will deliver effective controls and provide for better risk management. Gillian explained just how this can be achieved.

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