IFRS 17 and the Challenges of Financial Transformation

We were delighted to invite you to a breakfast briefing on 25th October to look at how IFRS 17 is transforming both finance and customer relationships, and how insurers should be responding. We hosted this session alongside PA Consulting and Grant Thornton.

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for granularity of financial data in the insurance world, and accounting developments such as IFRS 17 will demand even further scrutiny. It’s easy to see IFRS 17 as just another expensive compliance exercise.

But, we believe there is an opportunity to use IFRS 17 to re-think technology platforms and data management and improve customer relationships for the long-term. Firms that succeed will be those that embrace innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies.

Our speakers

John Madeley, PA’s insurance expert, opened the session sharing his outlook on the biggest challenges facing insurers today, as well as why they can’t afford to ignore the transformational scope of IFRS 17.

Gordon McHarg from AutoRek then discussed the challenges of delivering financial control, data transparency and granularity and demonstrate how AutoRek can mitigate risks associated with IFRS 17.

Roy O’Neil and Simon Perry from Grant Thornton shared the results of their recent IFRS 17 readiness survey, the updates from the latest Technical Resource Group meeting and the impending deliberations from EFRAG on endorsement.

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