Key Issues and Developments in SMCR

AutoRek were delighted to be sponsors of the Key Issues and Developments in the Senior Managers and Certification Regime conference in London.

This conference focused on the key issues that all regulated firms need to get to grips with, whether they are asset managers and insurers who are finalising their implementation projects prior to coming within the ambit of the SMCR, or banks that are already within scope. The summit addressed the needs of senior executives in all FCA and PRA regulated firms.

Gillian Boston, Head of Business Consulting at AutoRek moderated the panel session at 16:40 on ‘The link between the SMCR and organisational culture: has the introduction of the SMCR been a catalyst for real change? How could it be improved?’.

This event has now passed. For more information, please feel free to get in touch via or +44 (0) 845 603 3613.

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