Webinar: MiFID II Transaction Reporting - 2 Months to Go!

Webinar: MiFID II Transaction Reporting – 2 Months to Go!

With just over 2 months to go until the MiFID II start date, many firms are in the final stages of preparation to be ready to comply with the new regulation.

The regulation states that firms are required to demonstrate that they have full oversight and control of the trade lifecycle to fulfil Transaction Reporting obligations.

In a recent survey carried out in October 2017, 45% of respondents stated that they have some areas of concern around meeting the MiFID II deadline on 3rd January 2018. Our MiFID II Transaction Reporting webinar outlines how AutoRek can assist your organisation in complying with the Regulatory Technical Standards. 

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We invited you to join our webinar to understand how AutoRek performs data integrity and validation checks, creating a golden source of data ahead of reporting into the firm’s selected ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism). Following on from our recent partnership with UnaVista, Avni Katechia, Pre-Sales Consultant at UnaVista, joined us to highlight the benefits of our partnership and discuss MiFID II Reporting.

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