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Automated Control Framework and Exception Management

Our flagship product – a powerful data management tool which encompasses integrity and validation of data, powerful automated reconciliations, workflow and case management, and timely and meaningful management information.

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Account Ownership and Sign-Off

Our assurance and attestation product ensures account ownership, drives accountability and provides instant transparency over all accounts.

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Automated Cash Allocation

Our automated cash allocation tool – matches bank receipts to any format of remittance advice in any currency and automatically applies to sales and debtors ledgers.

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AutoRek’s software as a service platform

Our software as a service platform – delivers a cloud based highly secure, robust automated management and controls framework for regulatory reporting, financial controls and data management.

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CASS Platform

Our CASS solution – a data governance platform which includes automation of internal and external reconciliations, identification and treatment of shortfalls, execution of the daily client money calculation, production of CMAR and support for CASS RP.

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