Asset and wealth management 2022: Strategic priorities for middle and back office

The ongoing challenges of the pandemic have forced the investment management industry to rethink its business model. Asset and wealth management in particular has undergone a substantial transition as video conferencing has replaced traditional client-facing interactions.

While the long-term return to work strategy remains unclear, firms face a range of immediate challenges as we head into the new year. Those in the investment management space will want to know what operational factors to prioritise, how to embrace automated technologies, and how to remain compliant within an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

In our latest industry report, we partnered with WBR to survey 100 heads of operations across UK investment firms to learn more about their strategic priorities for 2022.

Download the full report to learn:

  • What will give investment management firms a competitive edge in 2022
  • How other firms have budgeted in response to the pandemic
  • Strategic priorities for heads of investment operations in the UK
  • How the investment management industry is embracing automation
  • How other firms are responding to a range of regulations
  • What presents the greatest challenge to asset and wealth managers today

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