Cross-border Payments: Current Challenges and the way Forward

Cross-border payments flows currently represent one-sixth of total transaction volumes, which is expected to grow with time as consumers embrace the capacity to pay and receive payments on a global scale.

But as the volume of cross-border payments continue to rise, firms are now faced with complex data handling, managing FX volatility, and complying with regulations that stretch across multiple territories.

This is not an easy task.

We are therefore delighted to help firms understand and respond to the challenges of cross-border payments in our latest research report, Cross-border Payments: current challenges and the way forward.

In this report, learn more about:

  • The significance of e-commerce
  • How data management is becoming more complex
  • How firms should respond to the challenges of processing cross-border payments
  • The ideal data management solution for payments firms
  • The regulatory challenges of working globally
  • Why data control is a top priority

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