CASS Controls for CFD Traders

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the market leading systems platform for Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading. Most currency CFD traders use it to administer their front-end operations. While MT4 is an excellent trading platform it does not come with any middle or back or middle office functionality to speak of.

The lack of back office system makes delivering operational, risk and financial control of a CFD trading business difficult. In particular, it can lead to difficulties in complying with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) CASS 7 regulations for those firms regulated from the UK.

CASS Controls for CFD Traders

Once a CFD trading business grows beyond a few thousand trades a month, it is unlikely that an Excel-based back office solution is going to be sufficient. If you operate in the CFD currency sector, then now is the time to start putting your house in order before your auditor qualifies your CASS audit report to the FCA.

CASS & compliance is vitally important for the CFD industry but more important is good overall risk and compliance controls. Our new paper – CASS Controls for CFD Traders – looks at the lessons we can learn from Alpari UK, and shows how AutoRek works in conjunction with MT4 and your CRM system to implement a complete control regime and CASS solution.

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