Solution Literature: Data Management

Today, financial institutions are confronted by more assertive and aggressive regulators as well as wider and more intrusive rules.

Banks, insurance companies, fund managers and other financial firms face tough and challenging times. Both the volume and complexity of reporting that organisations are required to complete is increasing. All of this leads to added pressure for firms to reconcile the data needed to ensure perfect alignment between finance and risk reporting, both for internal use and externally for regulators.

Failing to do this will expose organisations to reputational damage, regulatory sanctions and in some cases financial penalties.

AutoRek’s Data Management Solution

AutoRek provides at its core, a powerful data management platform supporting the data collection, consolidation, validation and submission required for compliance with reporting regulations and directives.

Our purpose-built solutions are used to improve the quality and efficiency of financial data management, from cost reduction and process efficiency projects, to improving adherence to regulatory reporting requirements.

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