With the advent of CASS and the FCA's continued focus on the importance of client protection, the need for robust, automated financial control regimes is again highlighted.

AutoRek advocates that automating processes will significantly reduce "noise" to maintain clean receivables and bank accounts to comply with the CASS reconciliation rules on cash, and the client money and safe custody asset segregation and protection requirements.

CASS Solution Paper

This AutoRek solution paper focuses on how CASS reconciliation requirements for both custody assets and client money can be met by automating firms' often manual and complex processes.

Separated in two separate chapters for both CASS 6 (Custody Asset Reconciliations) and CASS 7 (Client Money Reconciliations), this paper explains the ways in which AutoRek will:

  • Perform Internal and External Custody Reconciliations (CASS 6)
  • Provide a Recorded and Date Stamped Audit Trail
  • Automate the CMAR and CASS Resolution Pack


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