Webinar: CASS Governance & Treatment of Shortfalls

The fundamental cause of any shortfall can vary considerably, from failed market settlement to internal books and records errors, often making it difficult to immediately identify shortfalls. Many firms have taken the all-inclusive approach to shortfall protection, regardless of the party at fault. From an operational standpoint this approach may reduce the shortfall identification risk, but this puts a substantial drain on the liquidity of a firm’s resources.

On Demand Webinar

Following on from the success of our CASS Governance & Treatment of Shortfalls Breakfast Briefing last month, we hosted a webinar and discussed the detailed CASS requirements specific to custody asset shortfalls.

Kieran Millar, Senior CASS Consultant at AutoRek, outlined the common challenges faced by firms utilising the Banking Exemption when complying with CASS 6.6.54 (R) and how AutoRek can help FCA regulated firms overcome these.

Nisha Sanghani, Managing Director at Rosediem Consulting, joined us to discuss shortfall specific CASS Policy requirements, key components of shortfall decision making and best practice when maintaining a Shortfall Record.

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