Automating ATM Cash Management: Reconciliations & Reporting

This paper explores how to use software to fully support ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting processes. There are several challenges to manual ATM reconciliation and cash management, including:

  • Manual Controls
  • Internal Uncontrolled Interface
  • Substandard Data Quality Exacerbated by Increasing Volumes
  • Inflexible Systems which do not Support Reconciliation and Reporting Requirements

AutoRek and ATM Automation

AutoRek enables a cost effective, transparent and actionable control regime to be put in place that fully supports ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting. Fully configurable to meet your specific business requirements, AutoRek will help you to improve operational performance, mitigate risk and drive up efficiencies, in a robustly controlled and auditable environment.

In this paper, we focus on how ATM cash management can be supported by implementing a cost effective, robust, automated control regime, in order to improve operational performance, mitigate risk and drive up efficiencies. We also discuss:

  • 7 Common ATM Reconciliation and Cash Management Challenges
  • The Ideal ATM Cash Management Cycle
  • Our 6 Step Approach to ATM Cash Management

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