iGaming Reconciliations

Online gaming operators and platform providers face a web of differing legislation and regulations, as the protection of customers’ funds soars high on the agenda of the UK Gambling Commission and other iGaming regulators.

The introduction of Customer Funds Reporting by the UK’s Gambling Commission from February 2016 is one example of a regulator introducing rules aimed at promoting good financial management of customers’ funds, and to deter against such funds being mixed with working capital or used inappropriately. This increase in regulatory control, combined with the industry’s continued growth and increased competition, lends itself to the need for better on-going automated management of processes and procedures.

iGaming Solution Paper

Co-authored by AutoRek and international gaming consultants Tottenham & Co, this whitepaper details how to overcome the manual and complex reconciliation and reporting processes within iGaming. This paper explains:

  • The Regulatory Shift Within Online Gambling from the 1990s to Today
  • The Role of Reconciliations in Demonstrating Operational and Financial Control
  • The 6 Step Rules Based Approach iGaming Firms Must Reconcile to Know their True Financial Position
  • How to Use Technology to Provide an Enhanced Control Framework
  • A 6 step AutoRek Approach to Achieve Robust, Automated Financial Control

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