Unlocking CRS & FATCA

At the end of October 2014, the UK and 50 other countries signed up to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). The standard incorporates the OECD’s work undertaken on automatic exchange of information. Early adopters who signed the agreement have pledged to work towards launching their first information exchanges for 2016 by September 2017.

Whilst many financial institutions will have made it through the first year of FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) using a tactical based solution, such solutions are unlikely to be sustainable when considering the ongoing requirements of FATCA, and the significant increase in scope and complexity of CRS.

Whitepaper: Unlocking CRS & FATCA

Our new whitepaper – Unlocking CRS & FATCA – explores how specialist data management technology can be applied to help perfect a financial institution’s regulatory and compliance control regimes for both CRS and FATCA.

This Paper Includes:

  • How to Adopt a Rules-Based Approach to Meet the Challenges of CRS and FATCA;
  • How to Meet the Reporting Requirements of CRS and FATCA;
  • The Key CRS Dates and Differences Between CRS and FATCA; and
  • 10 Key Features for Adherence to CRS and FATCA.

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