The Challenges of Regulatory Reporting

Key Regulatory Reporting Challenges

AutoRek’s new whitepaper explores several of today’s key regulatory reporting challenges including:

• The cost of compliance weighed against regulatory fines and reputational damage;
•The creation of a ‘golden source’ of data which can increase both confidence and performance in meeting ongoing regulatory reporting and compliance challenges;
• Potentially contradictory interpretation and application of regulations;
• The Impact and Uncertainty the UK’s Exit from Europe (Brexit) may have on Regulators;
• The role and recent decisions of the regulators themselves; and
• Existing gaps between regulatory rules, and organisations’ processes and controls.

More crucially we discuss the common theme underpinning all of these regulatory challenges – data. From data integrity and management information (MI) to the benefits of workflow management tools and achieving a comprehensive audit trail, we challenged what ‘good’ looks like in firms’ ongoing regulatory reporting and compliance.

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