Asset Management

The largest community of AutoRek users operate in the Asset Management sector. They have chosen AutoRek solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of their data management, and reduce their costs in producing reliable management information and regulatory reports.

Our approach is flexible, user-friendly, cost efficient and enhances our clients’ management and mitigation of risk. The software is used to enrich and consolidate data from systems that cannot deliver the required information reliably in one place. Workflow enables better transparency and co-operation, and comprehensive audit trails support visibility of controls.

In the asset management community the software has been chosen most often to automate CASS requirements for client money and client assets. In addition, wherever there are large volumes of data across multiple systems, or manual processes and spreadsheets, AutoRek helps to save money, increase accuracy and reduce risk.

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Join us at our “Complying with FCA and CBI Regulatory Obligations” breakfast briefing where Jess Porter, Senior Cass Consultant, at AutoRek will be focusing on similarities between the requirements of these regulators and how AutoRek can provide you the automation you need.

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