AutoRek is the go-to end-to-end reconciliation platform for some of the largest firms in the global payments sector. Our solution is specifically designed to help firms overcome the most complex challenges in managing reconciliations, financial data management and reporting requirements.

The benefits for you

  • Save time, cut costs and increase efficiency
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Meet safeguarding obligations
  • Improve month end timelines
  • Save time and costs
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Increase data control and accuracy
  • Mitigate financial and operational risks
  • Accurate and actionable Management Information (MI)

Who can benefit?

Payment Facilitators

End to end controls and workflows including data lineage, transaction matching and exception management resulting in streamlined payments processing.

Payment Processors & Gateways

Data agnostic to allow for multitude of rails data formats and configurable workflows to ensure business process is clearly defined and controlled within the solution.

Issuing Banks

Fully compatible with all card transaction data and direct integration with multiple databases and other partners.

Payment Networks

Fully scalable to meet huge volumes of transaction processing and automation of multi-system reconciliations.

Money Transmitters (MLTs) & Cross Border Remitters

Centralised control mechanism to manage customer accounts liquidity management in all currencies, applying FX conversion capabilities mixed with virtual accounts.

Acquiring Service Providers

Combining Settlement and bank reconciliations to allow for seamless flow of data across different verticals of the acquiring payments processes.

A complete, end-to-end solution for greater efficiency

Gain total flexibility with the AutoRek platform, which utilises and exports data in any format and from any source. It comes complete with built-in capability to connect via APIs, including the accommodation of ISO20022 messaging.

Prevent lengthy scale-up processes with operational software that is built with growth in mind and capable of handling limitless transactional volumes. Your firm can also choose a deployment that suits, whether that is a SaaS or on-premise solution.

Eliminate manual processes to reduce costs

Avoid the inefficiencies of manual processes with a tool that automates data ingestion and preparation of payments messaging. Allow skilled staff to focus on other areas of the business by automating time-consuming financial control processes like exception and break management, categorisation and ageing.

Use cases

  • Safeguarding calculations
  • Network interchange calculations
  • Interchange fee reconciliations
  • FX calculations and re-evaluations
  • Scheme settlement reconciliations
  • Dispute management and chargeback processing
  • Wallet balances and transaction reconciliations
  • Merchant bank and services reconciliations
  • Settlement statements
  • B2B payments reconciliations
  • Internal and external reconciliations
  • System to system reconciliations
  • Network reconciliations
  • Processing reconciliations
  • Validation reconciliations

Unparalleled data control for better decision-making

Manage your data flow and key activities using intelligent workflow capabilities. Our payments solutions automate all data preparation activities and streamline your breaks investigation process into one convenient platform. Access real-time, accurate and actionable MI via configurable dashboards for making data-driven decisions.

Simplify safeguarding compliance to save time

Comply with the FCA’s new regulations for payments and e-money firms with our first to market safeguarding solution, designed to automate all the necessary reconciliations and segregate client funds. Access to comprehensive safeguarding reports will also drastically reduce time and money spent on annual audits.

Built by you

At AutoRek, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Unlike traditional out-of-the-box solutions, we work alongside payments firms to design bespoke, custom solutions tailored to specific operational requirements. Our rules-based system even allows you to design custom match rules, supporting one to one, many to one and many to many scenarios.

Payments solutions

Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek delivers robust enterprise reconciliation software in the cloud or onsite. Mitigate risk, enhance control and increase profitability for your business.

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Payment Safeguarding

Safeguard client funds with AutoRek. Streamline manual processes and ensure accuracy and timeliness for segregation of funds and reports.

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