Operational Resilience

Maintaining core business services is vital for operational resilience. Siloed processes and multiple manual spreadsheets can't keep up with today's complex resilience demands. AutoRek ensures complete data and reporting accuracy for your firm.

Key benefits

  • Available onsite or in the cloud
  • Processes data from any format in any application
  • Easily identify gaps for investment
  • Data cleansing rules to ensure quality and integrity
  • Automated workflows to support accountability and governance
  • Fully automates resolution of discrepancies
  • Comprehensive, automatically generated audit trail

Achieve resilience and meet FCA guidelines

FCA regulated firms must have robust operational business continuity plans in place to plan for, respond to and recover from operational disruptions. AutoRek’s powerful automated reconciliations solution comes complete with a rules mapping engine and allows your company to automate processes for operational resilience compliance.

Fast results and accurate Management Information

AutoRek's rapid deployment lets you see the results of automation within days rather than months. AutoRek comes complete with configurable Management Information dashboards to allow operational visibility of all activities. In turn, this mitigates risk and prevents potential failures and disruption.