Financial controls, regulatory reporting and data management platform

AutoRek gives you complete and seamless control of your data.

Reduce your CASS workload

AutoRek can ease the task of meeting the regulatory obligation of client asset protection.

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Financial control in your hands

AutoRek delivers a robust automated financial control framework that reduces operational risk and increases the efficiency of your system.

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Streamlined Data Management

AutoRek allows you to manage your data seamlessly, putting the power in your hands when it comes to automated systems.

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Regulatory reporting made easy

Our industry-leading technology helps you to automate your data management and works with you to process your regulatory reports.

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Featured Event

Featured Event

MiFID II - How Accurate is Your Data?

Join our breakfast briefing where we will explain how AutoRek can assist your MiFID II Transaction Reporting requirements by building a robust control environment to become fully compliant and reduce the risk of being fined.

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