Data Migration

AutoRek delivers a robust automated framework to facilitate high-volume data migration. Our solution delivers data quality and reduces the overall cost of data migration projects.

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    Robust financial controls for auditability and peace of mind
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    Reduce overall project cost and achieve efficiency
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    Mitigate risks involved with migration projects
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    Automated business rules to reduce manual work
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    Be confident in your data with guaranteed data quality and integrity
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    Real-time analytics and reporting for better visibility and accuracy
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    Scalable to support growing volumes

Simplified data migration with AutoRek

Data migration is the process of moving data from a source system to a target system with the objective of minimising cost of transfer and the risks involved. While seemingly straightforward, unsuccessful migration projects create inaccurate data and pose significant operational, credit and reputational risk.

We offer powerful solutions to tackle these issues and make data migration projects simple and efficient, ensuring that records in target systems are exactly as they were in source systems. Our system audits and certifies conversion results, allowing you to use data migration projects as an opportunity to reveal and fix data quality issues.

Our 4-step data migration approach

1. Data extraction

The extract stage retrieves data from existing systems. The flexibility of AutoRek enables you to upload data from different types of systems or files and connect this directly to external databases to load data directly.

Initially, data is imported into a staging area and validated through a series of user-defined validation rules. Posting rules are then run either manually or automatically, which posts transactions into the main AutoRek database for transformation.

2. Data transformation

Data transformation converts data from the original format of the source data system into that of the destination system. AutoRek offers a range of functionalities to allow users to clean, correct or complete data. Some of these functionalities include:

– Cross-reference or combine data from several sources to complete data records
– Disaggregate bulk transactions, holdings or balances to underlying transactions
– Identify, eliminate and consolidate duplicate records
– Eliminate redundant or obsolete information
– Create a single customer view by linking a client’s products under a common reference
– Perform rapid reconciliation of records to third-party records, ensuring only 100% validated data is converted

3. Data load

The data load phase moves data into the end target system. During this phase, AutoRek can output the data in virtually any format required and either directly populate the target database or populate that system’s API, which will in turn load data into the new database.

4. Data reconciliation

Unlike most data migration solutions, we conduct an additional fourth stage, where data from the old system and new system are reconciled to validate results. AutoRek’s matching and data comparison tool allows users to design and implement automated sense checks across vast sets of data with an easy-to-execute method.

Unparalleled insight into your data migration

Tracking and reporting on data quality during a migration is important because it enables an in-depth understanding of data integrity. AutoRek provides you with detailed insight into the migration process, allowing you to understand what data is being transferred and why. Automated business rules also ensure that data quality and integrity is maintained across multiple control points.

Embedded into the platform, AutoRek’s powerful reporting capabilities provide:

– Executive-level reporting (aggregated view of the entire migration)
– Sign-off-level reporting (aggregated view with specific reconciliation, division or product focus)
– Reconciler-level reporting (detailed view of migration in the lowest level of detail)

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