AutoRek delivers automated reconciliation solutions for leading high street banks, challenger banks and building societies. Our banking solutions are designed to overcome high-volume reconciliation challenges, enhance auditability and reduce operating costs.

The benefits for you:

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    Save time, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency with automation
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    Eliminate spreadsheets to focus on value-add tasks
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    Achieve regulatory compliance to avoid penalties
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    Simplify the audit process with enhanced auditability
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    Take control of your data with accurate and actionable MI
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    Improve month-end timelines to meet deadlines
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    Easy integration with existing systems for process consolidation
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    Robust financial controls to mitigate financial and operational risk

Eliminate manual processes for greater efficiency

For firms operating in the banking sector, transactional volumes and the associated data is growing year-on-year. But managing this growth with spreadsheets presents an operational inefficiency, especially as companies continue to expand.

AutoRek is designed to circumvent the inefficiencies of manual processes through automated data ingestion, reconciliations and comprehensive reporting. By automating financial control processes like exceptions and break management, categorisation and ageing, your skilled staff can focus on more value-add tasks.

A complete, end-to-end solution to reduce costs

Gain total flexibility with the AutoRek platform, which utilises and exports data in any format and from any source. It even comes complete with the built-in capacity to connect via APIs.

Prevent lengthy scale-up processes with operational software that is built with growth in mind and capable of handling limitless transactional volumes. Your firm can also choose a deployment that suits, whether that is a SaaS or on-premise solution.

Use cases

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    High-volume reconciliations
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    Intersystem reconciliations
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    Treasury reconciliations
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    Internal and external reconciliations
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    Loan operations

Unparalleled data control and reporting for informed decision-making

Our banking solutions automate all data preparation activities and streamline breaks investigation processes into a single, convenient platform. It also allows you to manage dataflow and key activities using intelligent workflow capabilities.

Fully configurable dashboards can surface any MI or other key metrics required by your business, giving you complete control of underlying data. For peace of mind with audits, a comprehensive audit trail ensures clear visibility of all configurations and actions performed within the system.


A flexible solution to support your operations

At AutoRek, we understand that no two banking businesses are the same. Our industry, regulatory and technical experts work with you to design a custom solution tailored to specific operational requirements. The flexibility of our rules-based system allows you to design custom match rules, supporting one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many scenarios.

Get ready to transform your reporting processes

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