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Automate your reconciliations & financial controls with our solution for payments & e-money firms. Cut the operational cost of transactions and get an agile back office that scales as you grow.

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30 years’ experience strengthening controls for global financial institutions

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Cut operational cost of transactions

The AutoRek platform reduces your cost per transaction. So your operational capacity increases. And you become more profitable as you scale.

Our customers typically achieve ROI in 9 months or less.

Spend minutes – not hours – on reconciliations

AutoRek automates the end-to-end data control process. From ingesting raw data to sign-off and reporting.

Giving you more time for value-add tasks, like investigating breaks and analysing data.

Protect customer funds

Automatically segregate customer funds to comply with global reporting regulations.

Our first-to-market safeguarding solution streamlines reporting processes. You get safeguarding calculations in real-time, and daily sign-off on safeguarding reports.

Get real-time reporting

With real-time reporting & management information (MI), you get full oversight of your data instantly. So you can make more informed decisions, real-time.

And it’s presented via interactive and easy-to-use dashboards you control.

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AutoRek has all the functionality our business needs in a reconciliation tool. It automates the process from end-to-end, and the flexibility of the auto-match rules has allowed us to tailor the solution to our data requirements. Since implementing AutoRek, our team has reduced the time spent on reconciliations by 90%.

Bethany Cox Lead Reconciliations Controller at Tide.

Who can benefit?

  • Payment processors & gateways
    AutoRek takes in data formats from all payment rails. Get automated workflows you configure and control from the front end.
  • Issuers & acquirers
    AutoRek integrates with your databases and partners and takes in all card transaction data. It combines settlement and bank reconciliations.
  • Payments facilitators
    Automate controls and workflows from end to end. Including data lineage, transaction matching and exception management.
  • Money transmitters & cross-border remitters
    Manage customer account liquidity in all currencies.
  • Payment networks
    Reconcile high transaction volumes with a platform that scales as you grow. Automate multi-system reconciliations.
  • Alternative payment providers
    Automate your reconciliations and reporting across operational flows. Regardless of how complex they are.

Features for payments & e-money firms

  • Ingests data from any source. In any format
    AutoRek ingests data from any source and in any format, including SWIFT messages & Excel files. Get real-time data transfer through APIs.
  • Data standardisation
    The platform ingests data in its raw state. It standardises, enriches & disaggregates it using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL). So you can simplify complex reconciliations.
  • Fully automated from end to end
    The platform automates everything from data ingestion to reporting. You get maximum automation for minimum risk of human error.
  • Flexible & rules-based
    Our flexible, rules-based system allows you to design custom match rules. No limits to matching scenarios. So you can overcome any matching or data-related challenges.
  • Iron-clad audit trails
    User actions are logged within the AutoRek audit trail & event log. Nothing in the solution can be deleted. Only rolled back to a point in time.
  • No-code/low-code
    Everyone on your team can build a reconciliation in AutoRek. You can configure dashboards via the front end. So you don’t have to rely on IT functions.
  • Customisable dashboards & reports
    Get management information (MI) & key metrics in real-time. Get a full overview of your data. And use it to make evidence-based decisions.

Network & scheme-fee reconciliations

AutoRek ingests files and data from all major card scheme networks, including Mastercard and Visa, and all major digital networks, including ACH, BACS, CHAPS, AND SEPA.

Instant payments reconciliations

AutoRek ingests data and reconciles it in real-time, giving you real-time management information (MI) presented on interactive dashboards.

So you can provide a better customer experience. And it helps your treasury team analyse liquidity.

Finance reconciliations

Automate balance sheet reconciliations, general ledger postings, month-end sign-offs, and complex bank reconciliations.

Processing, clearing and settlement reconciliations

Reconcile funds where the processing, clearing, and settled currency may vary. Automate high-volume transactional reconciliations and aggregate bulk settlement reconciliations.

Investigations & break management and case management

AutoRek has a 99%+ automatic match rate. See breaks as soon as you log on and start investigating them immediately.

Escalate exceptions and sign off on reconciliations with case management dashboards and task allocation.

What volume of transactions & reconciliations can the AutoRek platform handle?

The platform handles an unlimited number of transactions and reconciliations.

We work with smaller organisations that process thousands of transactions per day. Some of our larger clients process billions of transactions annually.

Does AutoRek work across digital and card rails?

Yes. We work with clients processing transactions through digital schemes, such as BACS, CHAPS, SEPA, ACH, faster payments and FedNow.

We work with issuers and acquirers across all global card schemes. We also work with clients processing alternative payment methods, such as crypto, buy now pay later, and digital wallets.

Can the platform integrate any type of data?

Yes. AutoRek ingests any data type. There’s no need to transform the data into a template or provide data in a particular format. Common examples include SWIFT messages (MT/MX messages), Excel files, XML, JSON, and structured or unstructured data.

We also work with data from real-time data transfers through AutoRek’s REST API.

Is AutoRek available on the cloud?

Yes. We offer AutoRek as a SaaS product hosted in Azure or on your preferred private cloud supplier, including AWS and Google Cloud.

Most of our clients select the SaaS option because AutoRek provides a 24/7 managed infrastructure service for maintenance, upgrades, support and more. The AutoRek SaaS product allows for data residency in any geographic region supported by Microsoft Azure.

AutoRek is ISO 27001 and SOC II compliant.

What level of self-sufficiency do AutoRek customers have?

Our customers are self-sufficient in using and managing their solution. AutoRek is a low/no-code platform you configure from the front end.

You can set up user groups (permission-driven), data ingestion, reconciliation mapping, schedules, match rules, and management information (MI).

All actions within AutoRek are audited. This includes the configuration of the platform. All data, user actions, reconciliation activity, calculations and results can be surfaced through reports and configurable dashboards.

Can AutoRek be used for safeguarding?

Yes. AutoRek has an end-to-end safeguarding module that helps you meet the requirements of global regulators.

It ingests data from the relevant banks and internal systems. And performs internal and external reconciliations, and fees and relevant funds calculations. Workflow capability means you can sign off safeguarding positions daily and generate reports to use internally or externally.

AutoRek has 20 years of experience in CASS and regulatory compliance. As safeguarding rules become more like CASS rules, AutoRek will help you comply with the new, more detailed regulations.

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