Regulatory Reporting

Best-in-class technology provides the functionality to automate data management and reconciliation processes, provide enhanced financial and operational control frameworks, and the capability to meet different regulatory reporting requirements – all underpinned by transparency, good governance and a robust audit trail.

At AutoRek, we provide a range of financial, operational and regulatory reporting and control products that help firms know their data, understand their data, and report completely and accurately on their data.

AutoRek key business benefits:

  • Single repository
  • Streamlined collection, validation, reconciliation and reporting processes
  • Real time and continuous insight into status and exposure
  • User configurable dashboards and trend analysis
  • Automated workflow for governance and audit
  • Efficient electronic sign off and record retention
  • Output of data in templated formats required for regulatory reporting
  • Adaptable to meet new regulatory reporting requirements
  • Time freed to focus on business behaviours, risk mitigation and operational efficiencies

The direction of travel for regulators continues to focus on restoring confidence in markets, and improving transparency and fairness. Firms’ capability and capacity to deliver are continually being tested from an economic and regulatory perspective. Automating and integrating regulatory reporting, increasing operational efficiencies and mitigating risks are key to relieving some of these pressures.

AutoRek works in conjunction with existing systems to complete and perfect financial and operational control regimes. Our solutions help firms overcome their often manual and spreadsheet intensive data management and reporting processes, therefore ensuring on-going control and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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