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Data migration is a process where records are transferred from a source system to a target environment with the objective of minimising costs of transfer and reducing risk. That risk includes "operational risk", the need to keep the show on the road, "credit risk" and very importantly "reputational risk".

This can be a very complex procedure, usually involving the migration of significant volumes transactions of customer and/or financial data. With billions of pounds of asset data potentially being transferred, organisations are challenged with completing the process with maximum accuracy, whilst ensuring no negative customer impact.

Our Data Migration Proposition

Our data migration experience is both extensive and highly successful. We have been involved in some of the most complex reconciliation and data migration programmes in recent years, and have have earned a reputation for excellent products and services in many blue chip clients.

Our data migration proposition supports our BPO client base and our large banking clients who require a seamless migration which ensures that the records in target systems are exactly as they were in source systems. There are several examples of businesses completing data migration:

  • Upgrade to new systems
  • Transfer of books of business to an outsource provider
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Demergers


AutoRek provides a migration reconciliation independent of any of the involved platforms, giving added peace of mind. The scalability of our solution is leading edge, and the management information supports the go/no-go of the migration event.

Our network architecture means relevant reports on the migrations can be immediately viewed by the correct individuals rather than a dependence on manual spreadsheets. The auditability, a core AutoRek component, ensures that all aspects of the migration are captured.

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