Financial data management for insurers: Challenges & best practices

The strength of any financial organisation lies in its ability to manage data effectively. This is especially true for insurance firms, which have to deal with high volumes of data in multiple different formats. 

New accounting standards like IFRS 17 have only added to the challenge, placing additional demands on finance, operations and actuarial functions

Other challenges preventing firms from achieving sound financial data management include: 

  • Multiple different systems – such as claims, actuarial and general ledger 
  • Legacy systems from M&A activity and consolidation 
  • An overreliance on ineffective manual reconciliation processes 

Financial data management for insurers: Common challenges, best practices, and managing your financial data with AutoRek  

Financial data management is critical for insurance businesses to manage overall risks, make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency and stay competitive in a changing market. 

To help your firm better manage financial data and achieve these benefits, we explore the challenges facing insurance firms and how your team can overcome them.  

Split into three parts, this paper covers: 

  1. The obstacles to effective financial data management 
  2. Financial data management best practices 
  3. How to manage your financial data with AutoRek 

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