Corporate Social Responsibility

We've been involved in projects to reduce waste, help our communities and create a fantastic work environment for our employees.

AutoRek joins BrewGooder campaign

Working with Brewgooder

In early 2016, BrewDog launched BrewGooder, a campaign to provide one million people with access to clean water. Each 24 pack of beer sold provides one person with clean drinking water for five years.

We've joined the good fight to help this great cause of #DrinkBeerGiveWater. Given that we already have beer o’clock on a Friday afternoon, what better way to enjoy the beers than to help others at the same time?

Since the campaign started, BrewGooder have helped to fund 60 projects for over 33,000 people in Malawi. Their mission is to never stop until they hit their target of 1,000,000 people impacted by great beer. You can join their mission also and become a Brewgooder.

Cycle to work

We have a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme to help our employees save money, as well as becoming healthier & more productive at work and reducing our environmental impact.

Employees choose a bike, hire it for a time and then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. There is no VAT, Income Tax or Employees National Insurance paid on the total cost, saving them a lot in the long run.

As well as financial benefits, employees receive health benefits, with nearly 4,500 extra calories burned each week. The scheme helps to reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing.

Furniture to charity

We recently relocated our head office in Glasgow, with the new office came new furniture. Instead of selling the old furniture for profit, the items were auctioned off within the company and to offices nearby, with all proceeds going to the Beatson Cancer Charity. 

We also donated items like kettles, toasters and crockery and other furniture to Starter Packs Glasgow, a charity based in Govan working to alleviate poverty across the city. By providing packs of essential household goods to those moving into a new tenancy, often after homelessness, they make houses homelier and help people to sustain their tenancy.

Our much-loved office football table was also donated to LINKES Community Rooms in Knightswood for the youth clubs to make the use of it.

MCR Pathways

Some AutoRek employees are involved with a school-based mentoring programme for young people called MCR Pathways. They support those in or on the edges of the care system to realise their full potential through education.

MCR Pathways recruit, train and match volunteer mentors with a young person. The charity was founded by Iain MacRitchie, a social entrepreneur, who identified a need to support disadvantaged young people in Glasgow.

MCR Pathways and their mentors help these pupils re-engage and then transition from school to Higher Education, Further Education, or employment. The programme includes three main elements:


Each young person is matched with their own mentor from S3 onwards. Pupils meet with their mentor once a week for 50 minutes and receive guidance and support. Mentors build a relationship, helping their young person to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Group Work

S1 and S2 pupils work with their Pathways Coordinator and participate in weekly group work sessions. These are focused on building confidence and life skills and improving Literacy and Numeracy levels. This allows the Coordinator to build trust and develop a relationship with each young person, preparing them for mentoring.

Talent Tasters

Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out work, further and higher education and cultural experiences through manageable, bite-sized sessions. They are designed to engage and inspire S3-S6 pupils with hands-on learning opportunities. They provide more options for young people to find their talents and focus on the pathways to achieve their ambition.

Career Ready

AutoRek is involved with Career Ready, a mentoring programme for young people in secondary schools. Since 2002, Career Ready have connected employers with schools and colleges to provide young people aged 14-18 with mentors, internships, masterclasses and employer-led activities that prepare them for the world of work.

Last year, a network of 4,000+ volunteers from 700 employers helped to transform the lives of 29,000 young people in 300+ schools and colleges.

The mentoring programme is a series of monthly meetings between a Career Ready student and a volunteer, each one building on the last.

Taking place in the mentor’s workplace or the student’s school or college, each meeting focuses on a different aspect of the student’s career and education journey.
Over the course of the programme, students and mentors reflect on their progress in key areas such as communication, problem solving and organisational skills.


Beatson Cancer Charity and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust are two main charities AutoRek continually support. AutoRek host several different events and activities throughout the year to raise funds. These include sponsoring charity balls, space hopper races, office bake offs and a Ben Nevis Trek.

Both of these charities are close to the hearts of the AutoRek staff and we are delighted to be able to help in every way we can each year.
Beatson Cancer Charity supports people affected by cancer, every step of the way. They make the journey easier by transforming the way cancer care is funded and delivered. They provide services, as well as funding specialists, research and education to invest in a better future for cancer patients and their families.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to fighting for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis for everyone affected by the condition. Their mission is to create a world where being born with CF no longer means a lifelong burden of care and an early death, when everyone living with the condition will be able to look forward to a long, healthy life.

Shelter Scotland

This year we have also donated our Christmas card fund to Shelter Scotland. Shelter Scotland work towards securing a home for everyone and helping those who are out on the streets while also lobbying the government to secure benefits for people with social housing. They strive every day to give people the help they need and campaign relentlessly to achieve their vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone.


At AutoRek, we take every measure to ensure we are doing all we can to recycle as much as possible and to reduce waste.
We have recycling bins for cardboard, plastic, glass bottles and aluminium cans in all offices. AutoRek provide water fountains for cold and sparkling water to allow employees to refill water bottles and encourage as little plastic use as possible.

AutoRek use Mossgiel “Organic farming for a sustainable future” milk from a local company who provide the milk in glass bottles. Mossgiel then take the bottles back to refill and return therefore reducing the waste of plastic milk cartons.

AutoRek’s grounded coffee beans, which are received from Dear Green Coffee, are uplifted weekly and put through a process that extracts all the good nutrients and then they are delivered back to AutoRek to who then donate them to the local community gardens.

WildHearts Office Supplies

WildHearts Office is the UK’s leading B2B social business. They enable their customers to make a positive social impact, simply by purchasing their business supplies. WildHearts' profits fund the work of the WildHearts Foundation to change lives locally and globally.

In the UK, WildHearts provide Micro-Tyco, a multi-award winning schools programme which has supported over 40,000 young people to develop their employability and enterprise skills. They also fund Microfinance across 40 countries, financially empowering some of the world’s poorest women by giving them access to finance and enterprise training.

Furthermore, WildHearts funds ‘Love to Learn’ education packs for schools in Malawi, providing students with access to essential tools for learning. They also provide girls with basic menstrual health products and education across South Africa, Malawi and India, ensuring that once girls are in school, they stay there.