AutoRek offers data management solutions that allow insurance firms to fulfil their financial, operational, risk control and regulatory reporting obligations.

Key benefits

  • Fully automate reconciliations
  • Save on costs and manual processes
  • Mitigate operational risk
  • Meet IFRS 17 and Solvency II obligations
  • Enhance financial controls
  • Reduce spreadsheet reliance

Fully automate reconciliations

Consolidate data in a controllable & auditable environment. Reduce costs and resources by automating premium & claim reconciliations, commission and DAC calculations.

Mitigate risk and deliver compliance

Our end-to end data management solutions ensure your business meets regulatory requirements such as IFRS17 and Solvency II in a way that's custom-made for you.

A full suite of financial controls

Beyond our standard range of features and benefits, AutoRek can help insurers with broker accounting, subledgers, cash allocation, statements and ledger postings.

Insurance solutions


AutoRek is implemented across the insurance sector as a key pillar in meeting the new IFRS 17 obligations.

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Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek delivers robust automated reconciliation software that mitigates risk, enhances control and delivers efficiencies.

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