Customer success

AutoRek is committed to ensuring that every client is a success and we are dedicated to providing them with the tools, expertise and advice needed to succeed. We have teams of experts and valuable initiatives in place to meet all of our clients’ goals.

Specialist teams

Our customer success team

The AutoRek Customer Success Team is on board to provide you with a first-class level of customer service. We understand that no two challenges are the same and understanding yours is essential to ensuring success. No matter the objective, our Customer Success Team are dedicated to building strong, long-lasting relationships with you.

We believe that success reaches far beyond implementation and are with you every step of the way to provide training, networking events, and supporting documentation, as well as handling your calls and queries efficiently.

Our client services team

AutoRek strives to deliver the best experience of AutoRek from end-to-end, especially when you need support. We understand the critical nature our application plays in your organisation and how important it is for you to have direct access to a highly skilled team, which is why our friendly Client Services Team are on hand 24/7.

As well as being technical experts in the AutoRek platform, our team takes the time to understand the specifics of your solution before the initial go-live to minimise any challenges you may face.

Our team expertise
  • Solutions to issues
  • Health checks on your environment
  • Disaster recovery tests
  • In-depth understanding
  • releasing upgrades
  • Knowledge base expertise

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AutoRek user portal

The AutoRek User Portal is a secure portal that enables access to information anytime, anywhere. Users are given access to multiple product and solution resources, training courses and events, and are able to interact with other AutoRek users via the Forums and view the status of current open support cases.

User Portal key benefits
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Client Engagement
  • Instant access to information
  • Increased flexibility

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Training opportunities

AutoRek provides virtual, in person and recorded tailor-made training specific for each client and type of user. This helps users ensure they have the knowledge on how to use the tool to achieve maximum effectiveness.

We also offer the AutoRek Virtual Classroom which is a series of online events that train clients on specific product features and provide tips on how to get the most from the solution that you are using.

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Our regional User Groups and networking events allow our clients to network with other users, learn about our product innovations and continue to build strong relationships with the AutoRek team. They also provide a platform that enables you to collaborate and find solutions for any industry challenges facing you and your organisation.