Industry Report: Putting an end to manual processes

Many corners of the financial industry are still home to manual processes, which slow organizations down, take up valuable time and increase operational risk. Automation can standardize complex processes, ensure they are fit for purpose and include the nuances professionals require.

As Deloitte observe in a recent report: the adoption of automation “may be an accelerator for firms to transform their businesses, allowing them to remain competitive by addressing cost pressures, improving their margins, and exploiting the anticipated exponential growth in the volume of digital data”.

While the benefits of automation are by now widely accepted, firms still face many challenges as they look to transition away from manual processing.

2021 in focus

In partnership with AutoRek, Hedgeweek asked CTOs, directors, and portfolio managers at investment managers of all shapes and sizes to give their input on legacy systems and how their organizations have reacted to the ever-increasing large volumes of data.

In this report, learn more about:

  • Putting an end to manual processes
  • Complex transactions
  • Private Capital growth
  • Benefits of automation
  • Getting over the legacy system hurdle

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