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On-demand webinar: The practicalities of safeguarding

Held in collaboration with The Payments Association, our Global Payments Lead Nichola Botha joined FCA Payments Policy Manager Natalie Zorzella, fscom Director Alison Donnelly, Privat3 Money Chief Compliance Officer Paul Whelan, and PwC Director James Cameron.

This webinar explored where the common areas of misunderstanding arise, learnings from audit experiences and how the next iteration of the rules could be improved.

Here’s what we learnt:

1. Safeguarding rules will soon be more like CASS rules, with more specific & prescriptive guidance
2. Top advice from Paul: Plan your audit now, automate your reconciliations & make safeguarding part of your broad agenda so people can take responsibility for it
3. Alison says you need to segregate funds on receipt. Then look at your reconciliations as they confirm if money is in the right place

Click below to watch the full webinar:

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