Automate complex financial controls, data matching and reconciliations to increase efficiency and control. AutoRek eliminates manual data preparation. So your team can resolve breaks in real-time and focus more on exceptions and value-add tasks.

Transform your operational processes

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30 years’ experience strengthening controls for global financial institutions

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Spend minutes – not hours – on reconciliations

AutoRek automates the end-to-end process, from ingesting raw data to sign-off and reporting.

With a 75%+ automatic match rate, you can cut the time you spend on manual processes, like data preparation, by 90%+.

Giving you more time for value-add tasks, like resolving breaks, addressing downstream issues, and analysing data.

Increase control

Ensure comprehensive governance and oversight across all financial data with the embedded audit trail.

  • Get embedded validation and completeness checks
  • Comply with SOX requirements
  • Segregrate duties with full role-based access and control

Get data insights & reporting in real-time

With real-time reporting, you get full oversight of your data instantly. So you can make more informed data-driven decisions in real-time.

And it’s presented via interactive, easy-to-use dashboards you control.

Automated reports and exports integrate easily with your other systems.

Streamline processes with connected workflows

Workflow enables you to manage, assign, and resolve outstanding data. Allowing you to connect your process and teams from across the business.

  • Speed up query management and investigation
  • Accelarate financial close processes by 50%+
  • Capture sign-off and approvals
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The AutoRek platform and no-code technology will enable the Client Money function to work smarter and more intelligently

Bari Irving-Philips Head of IBA and Client Money

Who can benefit?

Features for global insurance firms

  • Intelligent data acquisition
    AutoRek ingests data from any source. Including ERP, ledger & PAS. And in any format. Including Excel files, SWIFT, XML, and PDF.
  • Data transformation
    The platform ingests data in its raw state. Before standardising, enriching & disaggregating it. So you can simplify complex reconciliations.
  • Automates from end to end
    The platform automates everything from data ingestion to reporting. You get maximum automation for minimum risk of human error.
  • Flexible & rules-based
    Our flexible, rules-based system is tailored to your data, process and system requirements. With the highest levels of automation, you get your automated target operating model.
  • Iron-clad audit trails
    User actions are logged within the AutoRek audit trail & event log. Nothing in the solution can be deleted. Only rolled back to a point in time.
  • Supports any match rule
    AutoRek supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many scenarios. If you can define the logic, it can be applied to your data.
  • No-code/low-code
    Gain self-sufficiency with dashboards you control. Configure dashboards via the front end. So you don’t have to rely on IT functions.
  • Customisable dashboards & reports
    Get management information (MI) & key metrics in real-time. Get a full overview of your data. And use it to make evidence-based decisions.

Premium processing and credit control

• Automatically ingest data from all internal and external data sources such as policy admin systems (PAS), ledgers, banks, statements, payments service providers (PSPs), premium finance and bordereaux

• Consolidate data into a single view on easy-to-use dashboards for control and real-time processing

• Automatically match and allocate premium on a policy level

• Categorise and manage any outstanding items using labels and retain a history of a transaction with notes and attached documents

• Connect your teams and streamline the premium collection process with exception and query management workflows

• Get insights into unallocated cash, debtors items and ageing of data across the whole premium collection and allocation process with real-time dashboards and reports

• Accelerate cashflow, reduce write-offs, increase efficiency and increase control


Financial data management

• Align key systems and data through intersystem data matching and reconciliations

• Perform high-volume data controls between policy systems, ledgers, claims, actuarial, data warehouse and underwriting platforms

• Proactively identify issues with data and resolve them quickly through integrated data analytics and resolution workflows

• Get real-time reporting via easy-to-use dashboards you control from the front end

• Manage key financial data flows and apply automated or manual journals in a controlled manner to gain a fully audited and controlled environment

• Support and streamline business-as-usual processes, data migrations, finance vs. actuarial, IFRS 17 cashflow matching and Solvency II


Insurer broker accounting (IBA)

• Streamline and automate the complete IBA operations processes, including bank reconciliations, client money reporting, cash posting & allocation, insurer statement reconciliations and settlement

• Automatically ingest data from all internal policy admin systems (PAS), such as Acturis, OpenGI, Applied Epic and Global XB, while consolidating external data from banks, insurer statements, payments service providers (PSPs), premium finance and bordereaux

• Automatically match internal and external data sources while managing data that requires further analysis

• Connect teams and streamline the resolution and investigation of queriers across the whole IBA process with query management workflows

• Get real-time reports and insights into debtors, creditors, client money calculation and unallocated cash

• Automate integrations with PAS system ledgers to post the output of reconciliations and data matching

Bordereaux premium processing

• MGAs, MGUs, program administrators and capacity providers distributing business via delegated authority or programs can streamline the premium allocation process and accounts payable and settlement process

• Consolidate internal and external data sources into one easy-to-use platform

• Disaggregate bulk premium payments down to a policy level and match against internal records

• Automatically ingest both premium and claims data

• Manage premium payments throughout their lifecycle, from end to end

• See immediately if payments are due or overdue for credit control reporting with clear highlighting

• Generate settlement bordereaux on a pay-as-paid basis and match back to premium settlement payments

• Gain insights into debtors, creditors, and unallocated cash with real-time dashboards and reports

Financial operations and control

  • Automate core financial operations and controls processes such as bank, ledger, balance sheet, technical, finance vs actuarial, pension position, cash, assets, reconciliation and data matching
  • Consolidate internal and external data source in a single platform and process in real-time
  • Match data at the lowest level of granularity
  • Provide real-time reporting across key financial, operational and period progression metrics
  • Integrate with key systems through automated journal postings and reporting
  • Connect workflows and streamline the financial close & attestation, sign-off and approval, and execution processes

What volume of transactions & reconciliations can the AutoRek platform handle?

The platform handles an unlimited number of transactions and reconciliations. We work with organisations that process hundreds of millions of transactions per day.

Are there any limits to the data types the platform can integrate?

No. AutoRek ingests any data type. There’s no need to transform the data into a template or provide data in a particular format. Examples include SWIFT messages (MT/MX messages), Excel files, XML, JSON, and structured or unstructured data.

We also work with data from real-time data transfers through AutoRek’s REST API.

Can AutoRek work across any data set?

The platform ingests any financial, accounting, operational or external data. This includes data from premiums, claims, commissions, bordereaux, statements, equities, ETFs, fixed income, mutual funds, OTC derivatives, CFDs, cash products, merchant data, scheme data and ETD – to name just a few.

We support data types in multiple currencies.

Is AutoRek available on the cloud?

Yes. We offer AutoRek as a SaaS product hosted in Azure or on your preferred private cloud supplier, including AWS and Google Cloud.

Most of our clients select the SaaS option because AutoRek provides a 24/7 managed infrastructure service for maintenance, upgrades, support and more. The AutoRek SaaS product allows data residency in any geographic region supported by Microsoft Azure.

AutoRek is ISO 27001 and SOC II compliant.

What level of self-sufficiency do AutoRek customers have?

Our customers are completely self-sufficient in using and managing their solution. AutoRek is a low/no-code platform you configure from the front end. You don’t need to outsource developers.

You can set up user groups (permission-driven), data ingestion, reconciliation mapping, schedules, match rules, and management information (MI).

All actions within AutoRek are audited. This includes the configuration of the platform. All data, user actions, reconciliation activity, and calculations and you can surface results through reports and configurable dashboards.

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