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UK fintech AutoRek rebrands as it plans global expansion

Posted: 21/02/2023 | Read time: 2 minutes


AutoRek rebrand logo


Glasgow-headquartered AutoRek, is today launching its rebrand as part of its ambitious global expansion plans.

Since its founding in 1994, AutoRek has served the financial services sector, providing automated high-volume data reconciliation and finance controls for some of the UK’s largest firms. Processing 2.4bn transactions, it today operates a 35 per cent market share of the UK’s retail banking sector.

The rebrand comes as AutoRek has accelerated its global growth plans over the past year to meet the rapidly rising demand for its financial control and regulatory reporting solutions. The firm has tripled in size since 2020.

With regulators pushing through increasingly complex guidelines, the demand for its solutions is set to rise in the months and years ahead.

The new brand has been developed in order to reflect AutoRek’s ongoing innovation and its growing global presence while maintaining its heritage and history. This repositioning of AutoRek’s brand will enable it to expand its global presence and continue to move further into new growth sectors, such as the payments industry, in which it has recently begun operating.

While AutoRek has reached a position as a leading partner to over 100 of the UK’s biggest firms, this next step will see it embrace broader global opportunities.

AutoRek’s founder and CEO, Gordon McHarg, comments: “The UK’s fintech scene is thriving but in order to maintain momentum once firms are through the first phase of operations, they must listen to changing market and consumer needs. At a time when technological developments are happening at a faster rate than ever before, anticipating where the market is going next is the only way to stay at the cutting edge. And this rebrand represents AutoRek’s commitment to and belief in the need for continuous innovation.”

With technological innovations accelerating with developments in AI set to transform how businesses operate more in the next five years than it has in the last twenty-five years, businesses must harness an approach that embraces automation to remain at the cutting edge.

McHarg adds: “During periods of economic headwinds, the need to optimize operations rises dramatically. The commercial pressure that businesses are under – as the front end is unable to offer the same rate of growth – requires them to optimize efficiencies at the back end. There are always going to be periods of up and down, as AutoRek has experienced firsthand over the last twenty years and it’s not always possible to predict where the next challenge is coming from. But in order to maintain ambitious growth, brands must be prepared to be flexible and ready to adapt to meet changing market needs.”