See the power of AutoRek in 3 minutes

AutoRek is the leading financial and operational reconciliation system. It uses intelligent automation to eliminate manual processes, perform intelligent matching and analyse breaks.

Since 1994, we have combined cutting-edge technology, first-class implementation and subject matter expertise to automate the reconciliation process from end-to-end. View our three-minute demo video today to see why our software is now trusted by over 80 of the world’s top financial institutions.

With the AutoRek platform, your firm can:


  • Replace spreadsheets and spend more time on what matters most
  • Reduce financial risk through greater control and visibility of data
  • Reduce fixed costs and realise ROI in 9 months or less
  • Protect against market disruption and quickly adapt to industry changes
  • Enhance regulatory compliance for CASS, MiFID II, payment safeguarding and more