Banking in 2024: Digitisation, data and the back-office

The challenges banks face in 2024

The fintech and digital banking space, with its relentless pursuit of market share, poses a formidable challenge to traditional banking models.

Many of the world’s largest banks have acquired PSPs to expand their market share for payments processing. But, where acquisition isn’t an option, firms need to modernise and streamline the underlying technological and operational capabilities within the back office.

So, how far have banks embraced digitisation? And how will they be investing in technology and automation in 2024?


What’s in the report?

To answer these questions and help you plan ahead, we asked 500 professionals across the banking industry about their digitisation objectives, data challenges, plans for back-office optimisation and approaches to financial controls.


Read the full report to find out:

  • How far banks have progressed in their digital transformation initiatives
  • The most common barriers preventing firms from digitising
  • How far banks are prioritising back-office operations – and where they’re focusing their efforts in 2024
  • The key data-management challenges firms are struggling with