ATM Reconciliation

Reconciling over 30% of all ATM cash transactions in the UK, our ATM reconciliations solution provides a transparent and actionable control regime that supports ATM cash management and reporting.

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Key benefits

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    Reduce overall costs for ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting
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    Strengthen control and governance through ATM cash cycle
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    Eliminate manual processes to focus on value-add tasks
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    Increase accuracy through elevated automatic match rates
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    Validate data at each stage of the cash cycle to ensure greater control
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    Improve quality of reporting across ATM networks for better data visibility

Remove manual processes to reduce costs

Many banks and ATM operators still rely heavily on manual accounting and uncontrolled internal interfaces to settle ATM transactional data. This creates challenges when identifying discrepancies such as a shortage or excess of cash in the ATM machine.

Our solution removes manual processes and incorporates data items, such as ATM IDs, location and address, cash-in-transit deposit codes and denominations, to automatically resolve breaks and manage exceptions. Corrective adjustments can also be produced automatically to write off small tolerance differences, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

Bespoke software for easy integration with existing systems

Every bank has different ways of reconciling transactions in their ATM network, and they use many different core systems. Our in-house experts build your automated ATM solution around your current systems and processes to ensure easy integration. It can easily ingest data from banks, cash ordering systems, cash carriers, credit and debit card providers.

Reconcile transactions at scale for greater efficiency

Debit and credit cards are used for billions of ATM transactions every day. But accounting for these transactions, which are often channelled through varied data formats and data sources, is a significant challenge.

AutoRek provides the ability to work with unstructured data, disseminating ATM transactional data and pinpointing discrepancies at ATM level. The high-volume capacity of our matching engine also means that you can reconcile growing transactional volumes without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Actionable management information for data-driven decisions

One of the most significant challenges in developing an effective ATM network is the lack of a single, consolidated view of data. The problem is only magnified when dealing with untrustworthy data and incomplete transaction reports.

Our solution is designed to automatically produce frequent and meaningful MI across the entire scope of ATM networks, depots and regions. Disputes are categorised across specific regions and transactional volumes are closely monitored, allowing you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Rapid implementation with expertise by your side

Our in-house technical, industry and regulatory experts work with you to implement the solution, ensuring quick delivery and ROI.

As part of the onboarding process, our clients are assigned a dedicated customer success manager to answer your questions, receive any feedback and provide you with tailored service. You will also be allocated a member of our friendly Client Services team, who are on hand 24/7 to resolve any technical issues you may face.


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